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Real bride story: Farah Wild

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Getting married in the middle of a global pandemic has its ups and downs… RD Beautiful bride Farah had her special day after all, with a few changes. 
Being a bride is full of exciting moments and joyful memories! 
Farah wore our best seller Juliet dress from the gorgeous Shakespeare Collection.
Read Farah's story, the full details of her sweet backyard wedding, and how she found her dream dress. 

Where did you discover Riki Dalal? 

Soon after Tom proposed, before we’d even set a date, I was just scrolling through Instagram and saw a photo of the Juliet dress. I completely fell in love with it! I wouldn’t have been able to imagine a more perfect dress. I saved the picture to my phone but thought ‘ah, it probably won’t look as good on me’ and ‘it’s probably too expensive’. When we set our wedding date and I started looking at dresses, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the Juliet dress. I went to so many local shops, tried on so many dresses, but none of them ever compared. So, I asked my mum if we could travel to Birmingham to go to the Riki Dalal boutique. So off we went on the train, unbeknown to me that I was about to put on my dream dress for the first time! 

How was your experience in the Boutique? 

The girls at the Birmingham Riki Dalal Boutique were fab and super welcoming! They made me feel welcome and were so easy to get along with. I actually got my dress from Lori G Bridal Shop in Derby, who stock Riki Dalal, and are just down the road from me so it was easier for fittings. The ladies in that shop are so so lovely, and really support you through the whole journey and make it such a special experience. Even when I had to wear a mask and gloves in my wedding dress, they still made it memorable!  

What made you choose your dress? 

My heart had just been set on it from the moment I saw it. People always say you’ll know when you’ve found ‘the one’ (dress as well as a husband!) and it’s so true! Even though the Juliet dress was pretty much the first wedding dress I ever took any notice of, it was honestly just so perfect for me. 

What was your favorite thing about it? 

I was instantly drawn to the off the shoulder sleeves, fitted corset, and flowing skirt. But then every time I looked at it I found something else I loved even more. The intricate detail of the lace, the tiny pretty flowers that are so delicate, and the many, many layers of tulle - it’s just the dress that keeps on giving! It’s also very flattering and because the skirt is so full, you don’t need to worry about not being able to eat anything on your wedding day! 

How did you know it was "the one"? 

I just knew. I had this feeling, and my heart was just completely sold. I also saw it for the first time when things weren’t too good for us as a family so to overcome everything that we have, and to get to wear the Juliet dress as I married Tom, made it even more special. I also think it really reflects my personality. I’m not an overly glamorous person and I never wear anything too revealing. But this dress is romantic and classy whilst being an absolute show stopper at the same time! 

Tell us all about your wedding day!!! 

Our wedding day was completely different from what we had originally planned, for obvious reasons! The whole event was going to be at Newton House Barns in Derbyshire and our guest list was over 150. Of course, in the end, we could only have 30 guests which meant a wedding breakfast and celebration at Newton House Barns wasn’t feasible. We did have an outdoor ceremony there though: households were sat 2 meters apart and there was a 4-meter wide aisle so I could walk down safely. Unfortunately, Tom’s brother and best man, Jack wasn’t allowed to handle our rings and so couldn’t present them to us. However, we came up with another plan. We have the most perfect little dog called Jerry (my husband is called Tom and our dog is called Jerry – get it?!). We had designed him a Best Dog suit that matched all the groomsmen and it came complete with a tiny ring pouch! Tom put the rings in Jerry’s pocket before the ceremony and when it came to exchanging them, Jack brought Jerry up on his lead and Tom took them out of his pocket. They say never work with children or animals, but I think Jerry definitely stole the show! 
We had a small celebration back at my parent’s house and we made everything as safe as we possibly could. It was very special for me to celebrate our wedding day in the home that I grew up in, I never thought, over all the years I played in the garden as a child, that one day I would getting married under an arch where my swing set used to be! We were of course very conscious of making the day really COVID secure so that the guests were comfortable and felt safe. There was a one-way system to the food, hand sanitizer on tap, everyone had their assigned seat 2 meters apart and we politely advised everyone to avoid chair swapping! We even provided personalized face masks as our wedding favors. A little niche but not many people can say they got married in the middle of a global pandemic! As much as I would have loved what we had planned originally, one thing the Coronavirus outbreak did do was put things in perspective. A year ago I was obsessed with charger plates and table centerpieces, but actually, in the face of adversity, all I wanted to do was marry my best friend. Our day was perfect in its own way and we feel so lucky to have been able to get married at all in 2020! Different isn’t always bad and actually having smaller numbers meant I got to talk to everyone that was there and have time to relax and enjoy the day. With 150 guests, I doubt I would have been able to that!  
If I could give any advice to engaged couples it would be to enjoy the day for yourself and your partner rather than fixating on all your guests enjoying themselves! Spend some special moments with your new wife or husband because if you spend all day ‘mingling’ and doing formalities (which is great, don’t get me wrong), it will be gone in a flash and you won’t have even managed to spend any of it together! 

Farah wore our one and only Juliet gown from the Shakespeare collection. Juliet is a fairy tale ball gown with a 3D floral applique top, off the shoulder sleeves, and a gorgeous flowing creamy skirt.


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