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Top 2021 wedding trends

Influenced by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the year 2021 comes with the promise of hope, natural vibes of simpler events guests' centers.
If you are planning a 2021 wedding, we found the best wedding trends forecast for the new year to add to your bride's board of inspiration.



Something to tell the grandkids

When life gives you lemons... elope instead! Did you ever dream of a secret getaway wedding? now it's fashionable and probably safer than the big traditional wedding even if the COVID-19 is almost over. Elopement also means a sequel wedding! Who doesn’t want two events? (and 2 dresses!!!)


Like, share & subscribe

Paying for transportation for wedding guests is expensive. Corona taught us we can enjoy each other's company virtually. Open a live stream channel and let people decided for themselves if they rather travel or watch you from the comfort of their beds. 

All about them

Downsizing your wedding guest list meant only the closest and most important people are invited. Couples will have a bigger budget & more time to invest in the people that matter with special welcome gifts, send-off kits, and personal escort card notes. 

Less is more

This year we learned that less is more and what better way to say that in a simple effortless (yet stunning) hairstyle? No more pretentious curls, huge updos, or extravagant tiaras (sorry lady Di) it's time to reconnect with our natural look and embrace the wild side. 

Do it bride style

Brides in lockdown were trying to keep busy so we are all going to see a lot of DIY décors in this new year. It is also a great way to save money, and the best way to insert your personality into the venue or just to make your wedding more creative and fun. 


Let's have some fun

Having an outdoor wedding with a limited guest list can turn into a very social event. Take advantage of the scenery and use this time to have fun with your guests with Lawn games, S'mores bar, Wheel of Fun, Themed photo booth, or a "who knows the couple better” game of trivia. 


I care

Sustainable weddings are simply better: you save money, give back, help the earth, while also throwing a unique event! Go plastic-free, buy second hand, cut back on unnecessary waste, and give your guests environment-friendly wedding favors.


It's called fashion

We can't finish this list without one fashion trend. Want to be a fashionable bride? we recommend a wedding dress with sleeves. They don’t have to be simple or boring, they can be anything you like: Short, long, poet style, puffed, or transparent. Enjoy the romantic vibe they give or the statement they can make.  


Our bridal fitters can find you the perfect dress & make it into your dream gown!
Have a Made to Measure sleeves, belt, bows, cape, overskirts, or even the most extravagant train.
All you have to do is come meet us, and we will do the rest.


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