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Toronto by Metropolitan Collection: A Wedding Dress You Don't Want to Miss Out

Hello, blushing bride! Glad to see you on this part of the internet!

We see you’re already hunting for one of the most important details in your whole wedding ceremony: the wedding dress.

Exciting, huh? A few ideas and desires are sure to be already floating in your head the moment you said yes to the proposal, but it can still feel overwhelming, tell me about it!

Lots of ideas equate to lots of options, resulting in hesitation and confusion, but what pieces are like this for? Of course, to help you out with your wedding dress search!

You have probably seen a lot already, but let us just take your attention for a few more moments to take a look at a dress that will surely make everyone’s head turn on your big day. Ready?

The Metropolitan Collection

Before we take you to gaze at the star of this show, let’s take a look at the Metropolitan collection where it belongs—a great exhibit of beautiful dresses that will surely catch your eye.

Metropolitan Collection from our brand NOYA is definitely a favorite amongst brides-to-be. Dresses in this collection are nothing short of elegant, modern, and truly exceptional.

The pieces are named after distinct cities that hold a big social and economical influence on their surrounding areas. Pretty sure you can already get into the idea of how diverse this collection is!

Much equal to the true meaning of the word where the title of the collection was derived from, the dresses are a league of their own. Each of the dresses can embody the beauty and energy the city it's named after displays to the world!

Keeping diversity in mind, this collection displays 28 different choices for brides-to-be—each manifesting their grace uniquely; from a pantsuit or a cocktail dress to a fairy-tale-like mermaid dress and ball gown.

With this variety of dresses, it can sure be confusing to choose from, with the right magic, you can look great in any of them. How about checking a dress named after another bustling city from Canada?

This piece holds such a special place in our blushing brides’ hearts, and we’d love to bring it forward even more for you. See for yourself.

Check out more Metroplitan Collection!

Featured Dress: Toronto

Surely, you already expect a dress from NOYA to look stunning, but the real question is how it differs from the other dresses in the collection.

Overall this dress is definitely a 10—no matter the angle, but let’s get down to details, yeah?

Starting off with its ball-gown style, an ivory-colored dress made not just for brides who want to be princesses but modern-day queens. The design of this floor-length, chapel train gown will bring your fairytale dreams to life.

A corset top that hugs your silhouette perfectly, would do a stunning job of showing off your slim upper torso. Brides with a pear-shaped body will look flawless wearing this dress.

Iconic off-the-shoulder sleeves are another feature of this beauty slay. If you look at this dress swiftly, aside from its gorgeous overall look, it can certainly remind you of the dress worn by a kind, book-loving princess, Belle.

Brides with broad shoulders, well-toned arms, or an athletic body figure can undoubtedly sport this dress. It will highlight their best features effortlessly!

A plunging sweetheart neckline is traditional and modern at the same time. This, paired with a chosen neck accessory can captivate the eyes of your guests to your neck, another perfect play to take advantage of if you want to keep their focus in this certain area.

Looking at the Toronto dress, with the right accessories, it can definitely look gorgeous on every body type!

Heading to a bit more detail, let’s move on to the fabric.

The Toronto bodice and skirt are made of tulle. Sparkling, and gorgeous layers of it.

You may see this type of fabric used not just for wedding dresses but also for veils and ballerina tutus.

To summarize every reason why you should consider:

  • Carefully handcrafted embellishments
  • Soft and delicate
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile design for any body type
  • Celestial air from the bodice to the skirt

Need we say more?

The Dressmaking Process

The NOYA brand is all about the brides’ needs and wants. We are very particular when it comes to brides asking for customization for the dress they picked. Name the changes you want and we are willing to work out your visions for you! The sky is the limit, ladies!

In any case, you can’t deny that the released dresses are already breathtaking on their own. Now, If there’s a part of you that wants to know how this gorgeous dress came to life, then let us personally take you on a sneak peek behind the curtain. You down?

The initial step is discussing the design of the dress. This covers the sketch of the product.

What does the bodice look like? The neckline? The skirt? The color? Then comes what type of fabric to be used? The embellishments? Ultimately with the approval of Riki Dalal herself, this same process gave birth to the stunning Toronto dress!

A corset top that hugs the upper torso has been chosen for this dreamy dress. This makes it easy for adjustments to be done and has the benefit of flattering different body figures. The color ivory, a universal favorite color for modern brides adds a touch of luxury while staying in the realm of the color white.

The whole dress is made out of layers of glittering Tulle—a popular bridal fabric that can definitely be worn any time of the year!

Tulle is a light, very delicate mesh net fabric. This is considered to be much softer and even has a better drape than a dress net. With certain flexibility and strength of this fabric, it allows fine embroidery.

The fitted top is jeweled with beadings that are placed deliberately throughout the plunging sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Lastly, a beautiful bodice design flowing until the top of the skirt—a detail carefully hand-sewn by a skilled artisan!

Rounding it all up is a fairy-tale vibe ballgown type of dress with a flowy chapel train made out of creamy layers of Tulle. An ethereal experience just brings the dress to a home run!

The next question you might be asking yourself next is…

Is the Toronto wedding dress really worth it?

Honestly speaking, a wedding dress for your once-in-a-lifetime walk down the aisle is more than worth it, but if you want more reasons, hold your horses and we’ll blurt out more.

Let’s back up a bit, this is a dress from our NOYA brand, a famous mark that caters to brides’ needs for years!

Here's the thing: Regardless of how successful and/or busy Riki Dalal herself is with three brands under her, she makes sure that every dress released has the “Riki Dalal’s touch” and is exceptional. She never ceases to give it her magic!

A true fairy godmother for all the brides indeed—a master when it comes to creating attire for your special day, no matter the price, collection, or brand, what you get is under a true maestro’s piece!

Reverting to Toronto...

Toronto delivers in many different auras you want to showcase for your wedding day with its modern yet classic princess-like image approach.

Being a versatile dress for multiple body silhouettes, you can walk down the aisle knowing that this dress is highlighting your best features. Definitely one that will make you giggle a little bit when you look back at your wedding photos!

Think of this dress as an art passionately handmade by artisans. A beautiful canvas you can wear on your most special day.

Wrapping yourself up in this elegant dress can feel like a dream come true, especially if you want a modern Disney woman vibe when you walk down that aisle.

Fresh, romantic, and trendy this dress has it all!

Forever with you, RD.

A reminder, our blushing brides: you’re the queen of your wedding. No matter what dress you wear, it wouldn’t take away the special feeling and experience!

Although if you ask for our opinion, a dress like Toronto will certainly help you bring whatever look you have envisioned to life.

If you feel like it’s not yet the right dress for you, talk to your seamstress for changes you want. We, at RD, are welcoming to what you want—whatever that is! After all, it’s just our “handwriting” but the story is YOURS to tell on your wedding day—to the world even!

In the end, it all boils down to you. Trust your “bride gut.”

We have got your back!

If the Toronto Dress has somehow caught your heart along the way, feel free to give us a nudge! We’re happy to make sure the dress of your dreams comes true! Laters, babe!


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