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The Noya Signature Dresses

"You gotta dress to the nines."

This saying goes by and lived on by a lot of fashionistas. True enough, though, it is very understandable, especially if you need to dress up for an occasion with the conformity of people. Everyone wants to be remembered, there are a lot of ways to do that, and one of those is dressing up! We want to make such a fancy impression, yeah?!?

The way we dress reflects on our personality, but more often than not, a lot of people tend to overdo it just so they could be “eye-catching.”

It is a no-brainer to know that a certain occasion requires a certain dress code, and yes, it is comprehensible that sometimes it gets boring to just follow what is common to the sight. However, clothing lines and designers help you be the center of attention. A piece that will make you the star in the room - with just pure elegance and sophistication. How’s that?

The NOYA by Riki Dalal: Is it the best wedding dress brand yet?

NOYA is one of the 3 segmented brands by the well-known Riki Dalal Group. Each brand has its own identity that really tends to brides’ needs. On top of that, while they are in the same house, they are entirely different from each other.

It’s safe to say that NOYA by Riki Dalal is the crowd’s true favorite. Why so? NOYA allows brides to tell their own personal stories through their gowns of choice. While the dresses look elegant, the designer, her legendary Riki Dalal, makes sure that you get the taste of both contemporary and elegance! That’s a pretty big deal, right?

Where does NOYA come in the picture?

A wedding celebration is the perfect example of a not overly-done dress but can still outshine other fits. Being a bride, you wanted to be the heart - the main attraction on your special day. But of course, you will be!

NOYA comes into the scene when you couldn’t decide which boring ready-to-wear wedding dress you’re going with. Sophisticated and influential are the two adjectives that best describe these dresses - and that’s what they’re bringing to the table.

If you’re anxious about whether or not to go for the one you’ve already decided on, that’s cool, we’re stoked for you, BUT if you’re here to figure out what wedding dress to sashay on the big day, then please, worry not! Save your tears on the big day, okay?!

NOYA has some breathtaking best seller collections you might want to check out! Are you excited?

NOYA by Riki Dalal’s Best Seller

Before we go fangirling yet again, let’s tell you a little bit about the pieces you’re about to see...

These dresses are our BEST SELLERS and they are for a reason - because THEY ARE INDEED THE BEST. That’s what they are. And well, whether or not you’re ready for them, we’re pretty sure you will be hooked along the way. So, should we get moving?

Check out more of NOYA!

Casablanca Collection

Starting off the list with the Casablanca collection, where all pieces were inspired by the designer’s most popular bits of couture line. Each and every piece of this collection is timeless, having impeccable details and spectacular fabrics, making it even more special and ideal for the most special occasion of your “taken” phase thus far.

Casablanca offers you a style that transforms while on your body, with the perfect combination of tulles, laces, and exceptional appliqués. Every piece of this collection is very distinct - from a strapless mermaid gown to a conservative long sleeve piece, each of which will give you the feeling of being a true Riki Dalal bride!


MONA is a classic strapless mermaid gown that was stunningly reinvented. This piece gives a sense of sheerness from its strapless bone corset top with lace, symmetrically placed against an illusion background. The mermaid skirt opens up with numerous layers of tulles and Italian lace. This gown gives nothing but pure soft delicateness yet exuding sexy appeal as well. If you want to go for an alluring and fiery look, Mona is the perfect catch!


Jasmine is the true epitome of a masterpiece of handwork! It is a two-piece dress featuring 3D floral accents, hand-sewn throughout the length of the skirt. The flowers are positioned on nude netting, individually placed so every piece is personal! Its skirt is a combination of multiple layers of fabric incorporating a nude base, followed closely by a nice, detailed lace and topped over with tulle, making it look fuller! Talk about a sweet and delicate look! Sold yet?


Going over to yet another sweetest design from the Casablanca collection.

Violet is a luscious piece that has beautifully hand-sewn 3D floral along the plunging v-neckline that is going down along the top of the skirt. The flowers are positioned on a nude netting, separately placed so every piece is unique - just like our lovely Jasmine!

Violet’s skirt is a combination of multiple layers of fabric including a nude base, followed closely by a detailed lace and topped over with tulle, making it look brimming and all set to be worn!

Shakespeare Collection

This collection by Riki Dalal was inspired by the stories from Shakespeare’s most powerful female characters. The gowns from this collection were conceptualized for the brides who want to stand out and spotlight their individuality.

Shakespeare’s Collection lets the bride exude romance while giving a bit of an edge as well. Materials such as shimmering tulles, stunning embellishments, and luxurious laces were used to make the bride be prominent from the crowd. This collection was kept inclined in the classic Dalal style but with an elegant modern twist.

The elegant use of lace and various fabrics combined with her attention to detail has enabled the designer to become a fashion-forward-thinking artist.

Riki wanted to create a collection that is both sophisticated and luxurious so that every bride feels like she's in a dream. What do you say about making that dream into reality, though?


Let’s start the list off with our main gal, Juliet.

She’s an exceptionally crafted piece that not only brings about a delicate and alluring vibe but also makes sure you’re feeling your best self as a bride!

This gown is a two-piece dress that features 3D hand-sewn floral accents along the top and down to the top of its skirt. Juliet’s skirt is a combination of multiple layers of fabric collectively with detailed lace that was topped with tulle, and nude base, giving a fuller flowing look. Just look at her! Would you ever be suspicious why she’s on the top of the list of best sellers?!?


This stunning Boho-inspired with a hint of contemporary features a 3D embellished lace overlay with a layered skirt. Cordelia’s floral print and crystals are delicately and intricately placed to create a stunning effect all around the gown. Cordelia’s overall unique layered skirt makes every woman jealous and men wanting her. But fret not, that wasn’t the whole shebang here - the goal is to make YOUR other half fall in love with you all over again. How’s that?


Desdemona’s combination defines the words sexy and romantic flawlessly.

With her top that features a plunging v-neckline with hand-sewn 3d floral accents along it, no wonder Desdemona is an epitome of yet another perfection and seductiveness. Combined with her incredible embellishments and floral accented chiffon train, Desdemona gives the bride an angelic and edgy appeal perfectly!


Ariel is a strapless mermaid wedding gown that is great for the bride who wishes to feel sultry on her wedding day while rather being true to her personal style!

For a sense of sheerness, the top is formed on a strapless bone corset with proportionally arranged lace on an illusory background. This is the perfect silhouette to show off your shape, from sleek and basic to sensual and spectacular. The mermaid skirt has multiple layers of tulles and intricate lace making it ideal for that classic yet sensual type of wedding! Ariel is probably among any bride's dream dress with its gorgeous sweetheart neckline, soft lace, and magnificent mermaid train! Just perfecto!

Lady Macbeth

LADY MCBETH is a contemporary take on the classic mermaid silhouette! If Ariel has inherited the Disney princess Ariel’s name, Lady Macbeth, on the other hand, has inherited that perfect mermaid glow!

Its plunging neck and mirrored back is one of the perennial favorites of most brides to be which is great to emphasize sexiness. The blooms and waterfall-like details flow flawlessly into motion with the train's tulles, thanks to scallop accents along the bust. Its distinct style is full of elegance that can be seen from a mile away, thanks to its intricate lace and a hint of sparkle. Her classic bride will appreciate the delicate tulle train and plunging neckline, too! Just overall perfection, right?!?


OPHELIA aims to give brides a princess-inspired aesthetic which is not rather usual in Riki Dalal's signature designs. This two-piece gown has a layered tulle skirt and an intricately embellished crystal corset. Ophelia’s crystal back detailing is laid on a fancy base for a second-skin illusion. Wearing Ophelia will make you look like a princess on your wedding day! But that’s what you already are, though - a princess!

Forever Collection

The Forever Collection from NOYA showcases the modesty of Dalal’s gowns but still has all the elements of classic silhouettes, the soft and floating movements of fabrics, and glamor. Using unique tools such as spectacular laces, embellishments, and intricate tulles, the designer surely makes a spotlight for the bride!

Each of this collection’s pieces was named after one of the best drama films in the 90s - Romantic Chic. Dalal wants every woman to feel the spirit of the characters from the film and make them shine with their uniqueness! Sounds sweet, yeah?


Kathleen is a mermaid silhouette that accentuates the female body.

On the big day, the complementing nude and ivory tones play with one's imagination, enchanting all. It has the most romantic look which is created with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves. The gown is made up of layers of tulles with a dazzling look. Kathleen's bride will undoubtedly draw everyone's attention!


Scarlett has trendy exquisite transparency that has a layered skirt and fitted top that will make her bride feel light and elegant!

The upper section is made up of lace triangles with a deep decolletage and shoulder straps with a bow tie tulle. When the light skirt is blown in the wind, it creates a striking effect. Her bride feels light and angelic in the dress, which is constructed of a dotted sculptured glitter tulle with beautiful flowers! Real brides can attest to how smashing Scarlett is!

Amor Collection

Just like the other collections from NOYA, Riki’s pleased to bring about the AMOR Collection! With all this collection has to offer, from signature silhouettes, cutting-edge designs, and well-defined feminine figures, each of this collection’s pieces will make the bride’s uniqueness highlighted!

The designer’s innovation from the materials used in this collection makes it enough for brides to take it one step further but offers all the elements of luxury. AMOR collection showcases sweetheart necklines, soft floating tulles, 3D flowers that make everyone’s attention centered on the bride. Each piece was made with distinction and eccentricity that reflects the designer.

This collection shows the love Dalal has for creating one-of-a-kind wedding dresses, exuding from her state-of-the-art pieces are wishes for every bride to also feel the love on their very special day! The legend strikes yet again!


Miley is very stunning in her 3D flowers and fitted bodice with a removable chapel train that connects at the waistline. This one-shoulder sheath design gown is stunningly decorated with white flower applique on the nude bodice, giving it a second-skin impression and emphasizing the feminine shape and curves. The detachable train adds A-line gowns a lot of drama without being too difficult to work with!

Miley's sophisticated and avant-garde style is ideal for the daring and confident bride!


Luna is a whole different piece. Are you seeing this? That veil just gives this design a whole new perspective!

It’s a ballgown with no straps looking stunning in its tiered skirt and flower embroidery. A dramatic effect and elegant look are created by a layered tulle skirt decorated at the waistline with 3D flowers and sheer tulles for a spectacular entry to the ceremony and reception.

The beautiful and opulent style is completed with the strapless design and sweetheart neckline, as well as a matching long, elegant veil. Wearing Luna to your wedding will definitely make people throw adoring eyes your way!


Going to the next work-of-art wedding gown… Emma is yet another take on a whole new amazing perspective! Are you seeing this? That cope looks magnificent as if it’s made entirely to bring any bride to the moon!

Emma is a ballgown with no straps and is the definition of glitz and glam! The layered tulle skirt, sweetheart corset with embroidered flowers that continue to the waistline, and over-the-top cape of sheer tulle and floral applique all contribute to the beautiful bridal impression!

The lavish fullness of the train, which has a classic wedding dress appeal, elevates this sumptuous wedding gown even more! Emma is definitely going to your choices, we believe!


Nina is a lovely two-piece summer bridal gown with spaghetti straps.

It’s an outstanding example of the designer's signature design of second-skin silhouette with deep decolletage and innovative two-piece look style. Floral lace over nude corset connects at the low open back to a straight white skirt, making Nina a smashing bridal gown and an outstanding example of the designer’s signature creation!

Nina has an airy aspect thanks to a removable airy tulle skirt that is attached at the waistline over the straight dress. The top is embellished with 3D flowers, and the removable tulle skirt is a multi-tiered sumptuous pleated skirt. We can only imagine how beautiful this tulle skirt will look as it floats down the aisle—and how stunning the dress below will be on the dance floor! Are you having the same thought?


Michelle is a romantic and Bohemian chic!

It’s a whole new take on Boho x contemporary to give brides the chance to show off their figure while retaining that classic vibe!

The rich lace from head to toe and beautiful feminine mermaid silhouette of this off-the-shoulder bridal gown is breathtaking. The fitting bodice, on the other hand, is embellished with exquisite lace embroidery, providing a second-skin look at the top, while the skirt is covered in tulles.

This sultry, figure-hugging gown hugs you in all the right ways!


Finishing the list of Casablanca Collection’s best sellers with the stunning Tamara!

It’s a beautiful and traditional bridal ball gown silhouette that gives a modern and chic appeal with bows on the spaghetti straps. Riki Dalal's sensual and highly feminine characteristic design is reflected in the gorgeous corset and illusion insets embroidered into a plunging neckline. The glittering tulle skirt, tulle bows at the straps, and a floral luxuriant lace skirt combine to give off a stunning romantic vibe!

Tamara's stunning layered design and embellishments will make her bride feel absolutely magnificent! We’re personally dying for the bows, though!

Aria Collection

The NOYA by Riki Dalal Aria Collection allows brides-to-be to design their own happily-ever-after, well, design-wise, of course!

The Aria Collection is intended for princesses who were born with a magnificent, aristocratic sense of style. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the elegant floating tulles, intricate stitching, rich satin materials, and luscious laces that decorate this stunning set of one-of-a-kind dresses!


Dorin is a sophisticated and elegant dress that aims to definitely get anyone’s attention. The dynamic pattern of the neckline is the centerpiece of this design, which has a figure-defining shape made in crepe and lace!

The neckline is a great mix of elegance and sensuality, with a plunging sweetheart neckline softened by illusion lace full-length sleeves. This stunning gown is finished off with buttoned illusion lace back. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely a fan of Dorin!

Let’s Dress You Up!

We all want nothing but to look amazing let alone OUR BEST especially on occasions where you’re basically the center of attention.

Most often than not, the phrase “simplicity is beauty” works well! But yep, NOYA is here to provide you that “simplicity” but will not make you go to your wedding basic and flavorless! Nope! We don’t want that!

NOYA by Riki Dalal not only shows how each of the pieces was perfectly made but also reflects the beauty of elegance, sophistication, and romance. There will always be a wedding gown that will fit into your own likings and visions!

Just always remember that you are an amazing bride (to-be) and with NOYA, you can be more than that! You’re all set to be the best, phenomenal woman that you are! So, what do you say? Are we doing this? Let us know if you have any predicaments or might as well book a meeting with us. You know we’re always here for you!


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