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Everything You Need to Know About Bespoke Wedding Dress

“A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman — it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.”, and we all can agree to this right?

Bespoke dresses speak so much of this! You might have been wondering what this really is, so don’t ya worry, we’re about to unravel some truths about this matter in a minute. Perk up your ears and listen carefully, because you are about to learn what a bespoke wedding dress is and why we’re the best choice you’ll ever have to make!

What is a Bespoke Wedding Dress?

A bespoke dress is a type of custom bridal gown, involved in the process of curating a completely new design dress that is based on your own unique requirements. They are tailor-made dresses that are specifically for you, as the designer gives you the luxury of choosing every detail and design such as embellishment, sparkle, appliqué, ribbon details, or lace edging! How cool even is that?!?

A bespoke wedding dress helps in curating a wedding dress for the bride with the touch of their own taste, allowing them to be creative and yet deeply connected to the wedding dress they will be wearing on their special day!

Since most of the markets sell fixed-size wedding gowns, opting for bespoke wedding dresses not only allows freedom for the bride but also makes them flexible to wear a wedding gown without making them look out of place. Instead, it makes them part of the whole ensemble, which gives so much beauty that reflects their personality!

This typically starts with a consultation process. The designer will gather all the information about your likings and what you are looking for, then sketched a dress based on your description. The dressmaking process for Bespoke involves multiple fitting sessions and could be time-consuming (but hey! This is the dress for your big day, make the most time out of it and leave no deets!

Brides that usually go for a bespoke wedding dress know what they really want and that brings out more of the uniqueness as there will be no other woman that would have the same design as yours, pretty much what we go after too.

How are Bespoke Wedding Dresses Made?

Ever wondered how these stunning custom-made dresses are made? Well, buckle up as we go over the whole shebang!

Made-to-Measure (MTM)

Like most of the bridal boutiques, made-to-order dresses are pretty much common. There you will find a selection of wedding dress samples, which you can try on, and when you can order your favorite in your standard dress size (10, 12, 14, and so on), occasionally with a choice of different fabrics.

If there is no lead time, then this is sometimes called “off the peg” or ready-made, and even though the shop will get your measurements, you will invariably need a seamstress to alter it to fit you properly.

The Steps to Making Your Bespoke Dress

The bespoke wedding dress process uses traditional couture wedding dress methods. All wedding dresses meticulously cut and fitted to perfection. Using luxury end silks, satins, and laces. Now, what are the steps to making such fine pieces of perfection?

  1. Consultation every curation of a bespoke wedding dress starts from the consultation. Here, you can bring along inspired images of your dress or just customize bridal gowns in our collection. You will have the luxury to choose the fabrics, laces & trims, also silhouette that fits your figure. Yay! This is off to a great start!
  2. Sketch, Designs, Developments before the actual start, your measurements will be needed so that we can work on the patterns and toile for you. A well-fitted bra and heels of the same you plan to wear on your wedding day will be needed as well. The final sketch of the bespoke dress will be presented to you, along with the fabrics, beadings, trims, and any special finishes that we discussed and agreed on!
  3. Fitting all the excitement will just be doubled as we head on the first fitting! This is where the fabrics and trims will be confirmed and dispatched. It is much better to wear the same garment and heels that you planned to wear on your special day as this will be the blueprint of your dress fitting journey. Along with this, the incorporations of your ideas and adjustment will also happen during the multiple fittings.
  4. Final fitting Finally, the journey of your bespoke wedding dress has finally ended! This is the last time you will be wearing your brought-to-life dream wedding gown before the wedding day! This is scheduled as close to the exact date of your wedding, ensuring that everything is fit and every single inch is according to your likings. Sounds about dreamy, doesn’t it?

Why Choose Riki Dalal Haute Couture?

Let us be smug for a minute here. Sure, there are amazing couture houses that do the exact same service as we do but being in the business for 40 years now, Riki Dalal has established her name to be pretty sturdy and that alone has given us the “license” to brag about our root, yeah?

Your Style

"At the end of the day, it's the bride who makes the dress, not the other way around”, said the designer Kang Chun Lin.

Given how bespoke wedding dresses work, it is also in the knowledge that Riki Dalal’s works are known for our exclusivity to be personalized. With these two combined, it is sure that your wedding dress would come to no pair in any other dresses! So yep, we think there is no need to overthink about whether or not you may be wearing the same designs as the other brides!

Everything will be in pure uniqueness; from the strapless, one-shoulder, high-neck, jumpsuit, dual look bridal gown, satin layered tulle, in lace, even the sensual or elegant and traditional, they will all be fitted to your style, personality, and figure as Riki Dalal specializes in creating such fashional, sophisticated, and chic bridal gowns. We’ve got you, love!


Exclusivity and uniqueness are a must-have for a dress, too! Again, Riki’s wish for all the brides that wear the gowns is for them to feel like they are in fantasy with their prince charming waiting down the aisle—only this time they’re in a reality!

But we cannot hide the fact that Dalal’s going for the exclusivity of her works, too—and well, it’s evident! Knowing by her hand-sewn and personalized patterns for each dress, the uniqueness could elevate the imagination of the bride to become a reality! Thus making the bride a real character from what they have envisioned: a woman in her wedding dress, walking beautifully with so much confidence and posh!


The goal of every Riki Dalal boutique is to fulfill each bride’s wish by providing a five-star experience and a magical environment while selecting her dream dress—a moment that she will forever cherish. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is passionate about bridal and strives to offer every bride the dream of wearing Riki Dalal.

Wearing a wedding dress from a well-known designer is already something, but what makes us love Riki is the fact that she’s not after the name and fame but rather the fulfillment of every bride wearing her masterpieces, with all the fine and eloquent materials!


Riki Dalal couture is not just consistent with the unique dresses but also along with the services we provide. Once you’ve set up an appointment with us, a design consultant will be with you all throughout your wedding dress journey—you will be accompanied by them at every appointment, and up until the dress collection.

During the first appointment, you will be accompanied by the consultant to try on samples such as the tops and skirts that are varying in different sizes. Once you find the perfect combination of wedding dresses, they will sketch it for you.

Again, this is all according to your likings. We don’t have any say about this whatsoever unless you asked for our opinions which we will be more than happy to oblige. We suppose you already have a dress style/design in mind so yes, that’s what we’re going to produce!

Your ideas will be heard and we will take time to elucidate them more so you can explore all the choices extracted from them, right after will be the customization of the ideas to bring them to life, making them beautifully handmade in your own choice of fabric! Your wedding, your rules!


Most of what you can find on the market are wedding dresses that are fixed in size, thus making it more of a hassle when your to-pick-up wedding gown is not accurate or they don’t have size for your body. Yes, hun, we know how frustrating and nerve-wracking that could be!

This is why Riki Dalal dresses are your best find! Don’t get us wrong, we also have ready-made dresses but they are nowhere near cheapskate, quality-wise!

Many brides have been booking us because of the flexibility we provide— from the adjustments to the size of your gown (taking measurements is about four months prior to your wedding date). If your creative juices dispensed an idea, we will work hard to incorporate it just so we can ensure that your bridal gown is exactly as you would wish!

Your Wedding, Your Rules

A bespoke wedding dress costs higher than those of made-to-order and made-to-measure, and the reason being is that this type of wedding dress is specially and exclusively, explicitly made for you! Whatever you have in mind, just bring ‘em to the table and we’ll work day and night to give you the exact same thing—even better!

Your gown will show how beautiful you are as it reflects your personality that came from your own ideas and style. Just how cool would that be, huh?

The process might take a bit longer and will require you to make time for it, but the Riki Dalal team will make sure that every inch of your wedding dress is worth every penny! You deserve only the best, Luv!

Our Blushing Bride’s Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we try to answer every apparent question that our lovely brides would have. Custom-made dresses are not something that you return once you didn’t like the outcome, because, again, you will be invested in making your piece happen.

Do I need to have a sketch or exact idea in mind?

Doesn’t matter! Really!

If you already have a sketch or a particular design in mind, it’s cool! That will let the stylists/designers know what you’re going for! If you’re starting from scratch, on the other hand, that is much better!

We are hands-on professionals that can cater to your bridal dress needs! We can certainly start from scratch—which honestly is like a treat to us. Bespoke is our pièce de résistance!

How much would everything costs?

The bridal experience from Riki Dalal Couture starts from £4,500. The process of making your complete bespoke wedding dress takes months (approximately 6-8 months). But rest assured that you will enjoy the experience as we always strive to achieve Riki Dalal’s goal -- making your dream dress into reality!

Every bespoke wedding dress-making starts with the initial consultation. The initial consultation will help us determine your desired wedding dress, your plans and visions, your style, and all the ideas you have for your dress. You don’t need to worry if you haven’t had the whole idea at first, we are here to guide and help you out! We’re your god fairies!

Would I be able to see the sketched design?

But of course! We will be enthralled to present the sketched wedding dress you have envisioned. Few design sketches will be presented to you, all came from your ideas amalgamated by Riki for you to discuss and that one final sketch you will approve. Once the design of your choice is settled, we will proceed to the toile fitting. Yay!

What is a toile fitting?

Toile fitting is your first mock-up for the dress! A toile will be used for your fitting to ensure the design and measurements are accurate and if there will be any need for alterations to have your perfect fit.

What about the alterations?

Alterations for your dress will be based on the toile fitting. Once the alterations are complete, there will be further fittings to make sure everything is on point to make you as happy as a clam!

How about the final fitting?

This will be the last time you’ll wear the wedding dress prior to your special day. From this point, we make sure that everything is perfectly fitted. This appointment will be executed as closed to the actual day as possible!

Check out our collection in this link rikidalal.com

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