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Tying the Knot During the Pandemic? What You Need to Know About a "Covid-19 Wedding"

A wedding, at its heart, is a life milestone in which society, social status, family expectations, and an individual's ideals collide in a tumultuous intersection. A pandemic isn't going to change that, though, right?

Wedding preparation is seldom stress-free, even under the best of circumstances… but with the continuous existence of Covid, everything seems to take a hard turn. Weddings, which is considered the special heyday for most people, have been perturbed.

But, hey, chin up and better not pout! We’ve got your day covered! We know how stressful most days can get, and we want to lessen the load by giving you a few tips on how to get through the wedding of your lifetime! Sounds good?

Life Pre-Covid: How Is It Before the Turmoil

Don’t you just miss running an errand without needing to wear a mask? We don’t know about you, but we sure miss the feeling of fresh air smacking our mask-less face! It’s like comfort after a hard day at work! Right???

Weddings, on the other hand, were just free-flowing. Couples who decide that they want to be together forever would just go and make that happen… But with the presence of this global challenge today, what happens to such events?

The majority of brides still want what they wanted pre-pandemic, but they often feel bad about it. Couples are grappling with the idea of postponing and rescheduling their weddings as venues are closed and merchants go out of business. Pretty bummer, huh?

Brides have had to face a larger reckoning as a result of the pandemic, prompting them to rethink their priorities. As a result, certain elements that they once considered non-negotiable have become meaningless amid a global pandemic!

It's important to keep track of all the little details when planning such a magical event. Even the most experienced wedding planners might overlook a few details before it's too late.

"Every challenge you face today makes you stronger tomorrow. The challenge of life is intended to make you better, not bitter.” - Roy T. Bennett

With that in mind, here is our checklist of the most important things and factors to consider for your safe pandemic wedding. Ready to dig in?

  1. Device a Safety plan for the Wedding Ceremony and Reception

  2. If you still love the idea of having your wedding be held in person, you should consider the local and national recommendations that your guests would obey.

    You won't have to think about keeping your guests in line because the rules will be enforced by the vendors. Communication is essential when speaking with merchants and deciding how to best conduct your in-person event: learn their procedures and expectations so that you can inform your guests of any laws. Sounds about right, huh?

    • Limited guest list

    A small guest list is a standard requirement that most vendors would have. With this in mind, it's crucial to reconsider and decide the number of guests you'd like to attend your ceremony and reception. While inviting others, keep in mind their comfort levels: let them realize they don't have to necessarily come to the venue.

    “Zoom wedding” is a thing now, you know? While it’s cool to actually be in the “picture”, we can’t take away the fact that less in-person social interaction can be beneficial, but uniquely fun! But make sure you get the Zoom Premium account, though, if you don’t want to get cut off after 40 minutes! That’s no fun!

    Remember that it’s always a good idea to be in line with your peers’ ideas/decisions! Bring it up to them and ask for their verdicts, too!

    • Outdoor Venue

    The best location will be outside, of course, where there will be plenty of space, open-air, and natural ventilation. This is due to the fact that the probability of transmission indoors is roughly 18 times higher than outside.

    Outdoor seating with tables apart is the best way to go! Not only is it safely relevant, but it’s also like a whole new experience feeling the fresh air rubbing your skin while catching up with your peers six feet apart! We love that idea, for sure! How about you?

  3. Hire a Planner

  4. Getting engaged and arranging a wedding is a great time to share your love and devotion to one another. However, no one understands how difficult and stressful planning a wedding can be more than couples planning their wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic. Talk about prenuptial and everything in between! Right?!?

    Using a wedding planner during the Coronavirus pandemic is not only advisable but also necessary. Their ability to alleviate tension and save you time would be extremely beneficial.

    Here are some of the perks of hiring a wedding planner during COVID:

    • They know every Covid-19 safety measures

    Your wedding planner will walk you through the entire wedding planning process and will make sure you and your loved ones are safe and having the greatest time of your lives!

    Their oath is to provide you with the wedding of your dreams and make sure you're safe before, during, and after the ceremony. You can set aside all concerns about the pandemic. Take that, Corona!

    • They have magnificent ideas about the best wedding venues

    You've always wanted to have a destination wedding, but you're afraid you'll have to give up your plans due to travel restrictions? Fret no more!

    Hiring a wedding planner with experience is a good approach because not only are they familiar with the best venues, but they’re also willing to go way beyond! You'll soon discover that you don't have to travel far to feel like you're in a fairy tale! That’s the dream, yeah?

    • They will be in charge of the negotiation

    When planning a wedding during the Coronavirus pandemic, keep in mind that your wedding will have to be postponed in the worst-case scenario. As a result, it's important to work out the best deal possible with service providers and venues. Leave all that to your amazing wedding planner! All you have to think about is how to look your best self on your best day!

  5. Wedding Dress Shopping

  6. What’s one thing women love besides diamonds?

    Go shopping for a wedding dress!

    And… while it’s fun, it can get difficult and exhausting - especially during this global pandemic!

    Various improvements have occurred in the wedding industry as a result of Covid. Here are a few wedding dress shopping tips you can follow if you want to win your dream wedding dress while still ensuring your safety during the pandemic:

    • Book an appointment AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE

    Many stores would almost certainly be by appointment only to be COVID safe.

    In the near future, simply popping in-store to browse will not be an option. Your group may be small, and you will be encouraged to bring only one person to assist you in the decision-making.

    Some boutiques will prompt customers to use a live video connection with bridesmaids or other family members to assist with rulings and participate in the experience while reducing the number of people in the store. Pretty bummer, we know! But it’s all gonna be worth your while, for sure!

    The best way to do this is by looking up the store’s preventive measures online. That way, it would ultimately lessen the times of your outdoor trips while avoiding exposure to other shoppers. Sounds doable, right?

    Find a boutique near you!

    • Wear a face mask

    When you put on a mask, you shield both yourself and others.

    When everybody does the same, it works best.

    A mask is not a replacement for social distance, though, no. Masks should always be worn, as well as keeping a distance of at least 6 feet between you and other people.

    Keep in mind that safety prevention is very crucial. You do not want to risk your special day by getting infected, yeah? Abide by the safety rules and you’ll be good to wed! ;)

    • Know your dream wedding gown!

    Have you given much thought to how you want your big day to look and feel? Whether it’s a barefoot bohemian party or an elegant black-tie affair, these factors must all be considered when selecting the appropriate attire.

    And… we’re pretty sure you have your dream wedding dress you’ve been sewing in your head! Don’t worry, we do, too! Who doesn’t? It’s like planning your whole life but with your wedding gown, it’s a plan already coming to life! We love that for you!

    If you happen to have your “wish” sketched out on a pad, you can bring it up at a boutique and they would be more than happy to bring your dream into reality!

    If you’re still not decided about the gown, this is where we come in! There are tons of ready-made designs for undecided brides like you! How about some ball gowns? A-line maybe? Want to feel more like Ariel? How about a mermaid dress?

    Whatever your heart chooses to settle with at the end, we’ve got it covered just for you! Consider us your best friend ready to take on the world with you - supporting you every step of your wedding journey!

    Check out here!
    • Consider creating a mood board

    Can’t decide what the final theme/motif will be?

    You can create a visual file of your favorite dresses, tear pages from magazines, browse online bridal boutiques, explore Pinterest, and see what celebrity brides are wearing - or, in simple and short words, “mood board.”

    Mood boards are digital or physical collages that contain materials such as images, texts, and other design elements that you would like to be included in your final “blueprint.” Throw any inspiration in your mood board and start filtering/finalizing it when you’re finally decided which path you wanted to take (design-wise). Sounds cool, yeah?

    Is a “Covid Wedding” Worth It?

    Many couples were forced to put their dream wedding on hold until all the restrictions were lifted. On the other hand, we’ve been seeing a lot of success stories despite being in a “lockdown” matrimony.

    Couples that had been successful in tying the knot despite the situation became an inspiration to the ones who are still trying to figure out if pushing through would be worth it.

    Here’s our take on that: Whether you decide to put a halt on your wedding or just go with it, you will find yourselves eventually adapting to the changes COVID-19 has caused, as long as you keep contact at the forefront of your planning and keep an eye out for the smaller details!

    Following the mask-wearing regulations in your jurisdiction will surely make a great impact.

    While the idea of reuniting with your loved ones is exhilarating, it’s much better if you exclude the warm hugs and kisses if you run up to someone. (I know, it bums us out, too!)

    Moreover, you can maintain a respectful distance from others and inspire them to do the same. That’s a good safety practice, right?

    A wedding amidst the pandemic would be unusual, but more so delightful. Remember, the goal is to be one with your lifetime partner. Whether it’s a pandemic wedding or a virtual one, it shouldn’t really matter as long as you’re both into it and making an effort to work it out!

    Tell us what you think or maybe share a quick story about your Covid wedding, too! We’d love to know! :)

    Plan your dream wedding!

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