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Top 6 Wedding Trends in 2021: Re-Invent Your Wedding!

Weddings are something most of us have been anticipating at one point in our lives.

We tend to want something new and different from the things we usually see at other people’s weddings. Being different is FUN. With that in mind, we would then look for something that can spruce up or do something innovatively catching - just please don’t do the fire-eating trick! LOL

Anyhoo, traditional weddings are slowly dwindling from the chart and many trending ideas are paving to be known. Isn’t this cool, though?

We crave to have an exceptionally exciting wedding, making it exactly how it is - the best time of our life that is worth going all out for!

Looking for some new cool ideas to kick your wedding up a notch?

What Are the Wedding Trends for 2021?

If you’re ever wondering how to execute a perfect wedding day due to the current situation, please don’t be. You have come to the right place to get ideas! If you want to know more on how to spice up and make your wedding a little bit more extra, here are the 2021 wedding trends! Grab a pen and take notes!

An Intimate Affair

Let’s kick the list off with a micro wedding.

This ceremony is one of this year’s trending wedding ideas as it is very flexible and could provide an intimate experience for both the couple & their friends/family. It is paving its wings and becoming 2021’s most popular ceremony as it has less than 50 guests - enough to make a room for your trusted peeps!

This type of wedding provides more free, sincere, informal, unique, and creatively fun weddings but sticks with every detail.

These days, couples usually opt for this set-up due to the pandemic where we need spaces, literally, with each other. No need to worry about your guests being in proximity and breaking the protocols. Given that there are only a few people, this will give a lot of time for the couples to bond and have more quality time with the guests.

Moreover, you can definitely be more creative with this type of wedding ceremony, with a minimum number of people involved, they can follow your fit of taste! Amazing so far, huh?

Green Weddings

Sounds healthy, right?

Apart from it being less expensive than traditional weddings, eco-friendly or a “green” wedding is safe and beneficial for the environment.

It is an obvious knowledge that in every occasion, even at weddings, generates a huge amount of wastes - talk about the paper cups and other disposable cutleries (if there’s any)! We all want nothing but to have a beautiful wedding that is worth all the camera shots and Facebook tags, which then leads to the pressure of buying more items for that picturesque! OMG.

Unfortunately, buying so many wedding items can be a waste of time and money. This is why eco-friendly weddings commenced making their purpose known for more couples as this demands no extra elements but still manages to make your wedding extra special. Got it? Got it?

This type of simple yet intimate celebration will extract some of your creative juices as well such as making sustainable and/or durable DIYs. Furthermore, a green wedding can be used as some sort of advocacy and inspiration for the betterment of our dear mother nature. Just the perfect way to amplify the benefits of what it can do to our environment.

Now, style-wise, a dress such as our pretty Jasmine would perfectly fit the event as she gives off a very earthy vibe with all the floral elements sewn all over - and don’t get us started with the flowers!

Finally, an eco-friendly wedding is also a way of emanating the uniqueness of your love and relationship. Yes, it is very eye-pleasing to see such a glamorous wedding but with all the traditional wedding’s conformity, having a green wedding leaves a much more great impact on the memories of people who have witnessed it.

About time to go green, people!

Al Fresco Weddings

Inspired by the elegant home and family-style meals, Al Fresco weddings are warm and inviting. They are achieved by the use of open-air tents, whimsical lighting, and long and elegant feasting tables. In Layman’s terms, it’s an outdoor wedding!

This rising trend has become an earful to couples these days. But, like, why so?

Al Fresco wedding is something that gives a breather from the traditional wedding we all have known. Breaking away from the usual and enjoying the outdoor wedding, in an open area with fresh air, warm and cozy sunlight, and a very welcoming feast.

This is becoming a trend now as we all miss the feeling of socializing! Although, of course, keep in mind that while it’s an outdoor ceremony, Al Fresco weddings are coupled with safety and precautionary guidelines such as tables that are spaced 6-ft apart! Regardless, rest assured it’s gonna be a hell lot of fun!


A new take on a unique wedding experience!

The very core of every wedding is the groom and wife, hyper-personalization is used to reflect on all the things a couple has been through.

Pandemic cut-down the numbers of guests invited and well, hyper-personalizing will give more opportunity for you to make your wedding as personal as possible!

The key is to make it creative but reflective as your wedding is a symbol of something both you and your significant other might want to share in the conformity of people you have invited. Hyper-personalization helps to leave unforgettable footprints so you and your guests will always remember such a unique and magical wedding!

Want to have your wedding dress personalized, too? We can help!

Check this out!

Backyard Weddings

Pretty sure we all have come to the idea of making our house an event setting. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

But wedding????

Of course with the right wedding planner and coordinator, this ceremony is ACHIEVABLE. It was advised to limit ourselves on interacting in crowded places, and this small yet intimate backyard wedding can be a fit and more favored, and well, let’s be honest, much cheaper than renting a lucrative place, right?

Backyard wedding comes with a flexible date (but of course!). Complete freedom of choosing the best date is a huge benefit especially if you are targeting a date during peak season, your venue is easy to access and you won’t need slot reservation and whatnot.

Emotion-wise, it also has a sentimental factor given you’re exchanging “I do’s” at the place you grew up in. it would be an overall great experience if we’re being honest!

Livestream Weddings

Everything we do seems to always have the involvement of the internet and live to broadcast. TBH, it is not a surprise that Livestream weddings will still be a trend going forward as it has been since last year.

Given that there are still places that have strict restrictions on not having physical interaction, it’s a perfect idea to make it happen on Zoom calls. It’s both a unique and exciting experience that everyone will treasure!

Livestream weddings are more convenient as it only requires an internet connection and technology. This will come in handy for those people who are far away and are not gonna physically make it to the wedding. This type of wedding ceremony not only is very trendy but is also very “handy” - both figuratively and literally (as you only need a laptop or a phone to attend, LOL). Isn’t this a fantastic idea?

All Things Considered

It is no surprise that the COVID-19 brought about a crisis in every aspect of our lives. Our goals, dreams, plans, and even important events of our lives were suspended for such a very long while… BUT despite everything, we always find such a creative way to eventually come out stronger than ever!

These trends are not just a breather, or a fresh new idea for the long-paving traditional marriage but also the results of pursuing one’s dream that fits in a certain situation. You can make use of these ideas for everything your mind and heart desires!

As always, we’re just a comment or a call away if you need a friend!


Green Weddings

Event Planner: Elements by K.H & Co.
Instagram: @khco.events

Alfresco Weddings

Event Planner: Outstanding Occasions
Instagram: @outstandingoccasions

Photograher: Rachel Solomon

Backyard Weddings


Livestream Weddings

Instagram: @tidewatertulle

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