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10 Things Every Bride Needs to Know Before the Big Day

Our lives are in a collective pattern of experiences the moment we were born and what we will or should do from that point on.

In each pattern, there is always a new interim for us. As we grow old, our priorities change - from careers to desires, and everything in between. Sometimes, our dreams from self-satisfaction will boil down to a dream for two-- alongside your significant other. And more often than not, this will lead to marriage. How dreamy, huh?

It couldn’t be denied that most girls dream of a beautiful marriage. Inspired by fairytales’ books with all that extravaganza, butterflies in bellies, a handsome man in a dashing white outfit. Giving you that feeling of a whole new world’ as they say, but as we grow older, we become more realistic, but, as always, a dreamy wedding should have no limits, huh?

Well, it is not just about what it would feel like any longer, but rather, what are the things to be considered and done?

What are the things you should know/do before getting married?

Diving into the next chapter of uncertainty (aka. marriage) is scary. But worry not, dear! Cause here we give the top ten tips you should take a toll in your thoughts if you decided to enter the realms of marriage. Now go and grab your paper and pen. It is time for you to jot this down, our bride-to-be!

  1. Planning the wedding early is crucial

  2. If you’re familiar with the saying: “Early morning dreams come true”, it somehow true and resonates with wedding planning!

    If you are planning to get married, it is a wise move to plan it out ahead of time. These days, wedding venues fill up quickly, especially if you want to marry in the spring or summer. By reserving early, you can ensure that you obtain your favorite place at the ideal time of year, which means the sooner you choose a location, the sooner you can begin preparing for other activities!

    We all know that a wedding is something that has to be thought through, it must be intricately sorted out. Planning everything out will help you be on top of everything and leave no room to forget. Remember that the earlier you get it all planned out, the lesser the stress would be! We don’t want wrinkles on our special day! Nah-uh!

  3. Create a feasible budget for all the wedding costs

  4. Though the wedding is an important day, remember that it will only happen in one day and it would be more practical to not spend so much of what your savings or bank accounts can offer. You wouldn’t want to be stressed about the finances the day after your wedding, right?

    That being said, you and your significant other must identify your must-haves, then decide on where/what you want to splurge your money on. Don’t be discouraged, dear! This is just a reminder that you can definitely and still have what you want if the budget permits!

    Remember, it’s always a good idea to have something magical we can look back to, but debts should not be one!

  5. Hire a professional wedding planner/coordinator

  6. It is your wedding and you want everything to fit into your likings, but the reality is that you will need a helping hand. Who on earth would perfectly fit that role?

    A wedding planner or wedding coordinator! That is about right!

    These individuals help to-be-wed couples, particularly for a living! They will be your back-to-back helper when it comes to dealing with the desired schedules, dates, themes, budgets, legal papers, etc--. In short, in your overall wedding adventure! Sounds like a plan, yes?

  7. Hire a professional make-up artist

  8. During the wedding day, you should only focus on yourself as there will be a lot on your plate already. By hiring someone to make you shine brighter amongst the crowd, you need to have someone who will help you. A wedding make-up artist will do the magic for you!

    However, it is not just you that they will make it prettier but also your mother and some other people. But of course, we all know that make-up is time-consuming and we don’t want to get delayed, right? This is why you need to set a makeup timeline, in which there will be an allotted time for each face to glam up.

  9. Hire the best photographer you can

  10. Your wedding would only happen in one day and we wanted something to cherish from it, through what? Of course, a photo wedding album! Book for the best photographer you can, try to engage with them, and tell them what you have wanted to see in your wedding album. The agreement will play a big role in this one, especially if you will address what outcome you wanted to see.

  11. Plot your schedule wisely

  12. No matter how much we wanted for everything to turn in our favor, sometimes life has its way of ruining it and we wouldn’t want you to be stressed as it is the last thing we liked to happen. This is why adding time for people that could be late due to some reason would be a wise action. This tip has a huge impact as it can change things or keep everything in the plan.

    Now, if you need to check a few tasks off your list such as setting up a bridal fitting appointment, we might be of help! We would be more than happy to assist you to make your dream wedding dress a reality! You can do that by setting up a meeting with us! Yay!

  13. Always have a plan B

  14. We don’t want negative energies and a negative mindset, but we got to be realistic as sometimes life happens. No matter how much we hope, sometimes things could go wrong. Be it about the venue, the schedule dates, catering, or to weather. We need to have an alternative plan for certain events that could go wrong to prevent stress on the big day.

  15. Choose your guests wisely

  16. This is important as by sorting your guest lists, you will know where to focus when it comes to the venue, catering, and availability too. Don’t feel guilty about not inviting people you don’t want to see! Always remember that this is your day, and people that are close to your heart should be the ones that got witness you tying the knot!

  17. Pick your best girls!

  18. Your girls or so to say, bridesmaids, will be your biggest support system alongside your significant other. They will be a helping hand when it comes to some things you need an opinion on or help you through the process, and options to choose.

    Relatives and close girlfriends are likely to be the bridesmaids and it is okay! Just remember to choose people that will stick with you throughout the wedding journey and also, you will have the best bonding.

  19. Give room for your groom’s ideas

  20. Ladies, we understand that you have already dreamed of this, of everything to be precise and planned out well, but remember that it is your partner’s day, too!

    That is why you have to be open to his suggestions and ideas as well. He may not think of this often that you do but for sure there are certain things he would like to happen on your wedding day. Besides, don’t you think it will be more fun to have a collaboration of ideas with the person you will be with for the rest of your life?

    Like, it’s fun being the boss of the relationship - and it’s MORE FUN being one on your wedding day, but, like, maybe give our man some room for their ideas? What do you think, lady boss? Anyhoo, we’re pretty sure everything will be perfect because it’s your day!

Bottom Line!

The journey of marriage is both thrilling and nerve-racking, we know!

No matter how much you dreamed about it, the experience is a whole new yet exciting thing. As a soon-to-be bride, you may think (or overthink) things and that is perfectly okay. You’re still on the right track, and you are entitled to prepare and think thoroughly about your wedding. No sweat!

These tips are here mainly to help you have ideas on how to get things done and make things much lighter for your shoulders. We’ve told you, we’ve got you!

Remember that your wedding does not have to be stressful but rather attainable for that ‘whole new world’ experience! Get that floating carpet already!

Things will only be possible if you take these tips into consideration. No stress whatsoever but it sure would be nice if you keep us in mind! (Pretty please?)

Supplemental Information: FYI, ladies! Many brides don’t know that it takes almost a year (about 9-11 months) to make such a lovely, dreamy wedding dress. To avoid rush orders and any sort of hassle on your part, you may book/order ahead of time. All the best, girlfriend!

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