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Your Ultimate Wedding Shopping List

Congratulations! Your wedding day is approaching quickly! Is everything ready?

You see, your wedding is unquestionably the most significant and anticipated event of your life. While the adrenaline rush is enjoyable, the burden of getting things ready on time is a constant source of worry.

It's crucial to keep track of all the minor details when arranging your own wedding. It's easy to forget a few wedding necessities when there are so many things to buy and plan for your wedding. The minor things, on the other hand, are what make your wedding distinctive and special, so read over this checklist we’ve made to make sure you have everything you need!

What Are the Things You Need Before the Wedding?

Bridal Attire

The wedding gown is the most crucial thing on any bride's shopping list, but what else will you need to complete your bridal attire?

  1. Bridal Veil

  2. A veil adds a beautiful touch to any bridal gown. It's commonly made of tulle fabric that matches the dress, though it isn't required. It offers the ideal finishing touch to any look, whether ball gown or tea-length.

    Some women do not feel compelled to wear a veil at all, and that is perfectly acceptable. After all, it's your day - your wedding, your rule, right? Keep your personal stylistic preferences in mind!

  3. Hair Accessory

  4. The nicest thing about a hair item is that it actually unifies your bridal look, especially if you go for basic jewelry and shoes that won't be seen from underneath your gown. Hair accessories are an area not to be missed, whether you're a boho, modern, or conventional bride; they're practically jewels for your hair!

    A hairpiece with rhinestones or feathers is ideal, while sleek and sculptural gold or silver pieces fit ultra-modern and minimalist preferences. Remember that having the perfect hairdo on the most perfect day of your life should be one of your top priorities!

  5. Bridal Jewelry

  6. It's your day to shine during your wedding!

    It's a unique ceremony in which you and your partner renew your vows to love each other for the rest of your lives. The accessories you'll wear to complete your bridal appearance are just as vital as your wedding gown.

    You want an elegant look on your big day, whether you're wearing a bejeweled necklace, exquisite earrings, a bracelet, or all three, it’s imperative that you make use of the necessary jewels in your jewelry box!

    Unless of course, you’re not the type to wear jewelry, or if you’re going in a different direction, then that’s completely cool, too! Do you, babe!

  7. Undergarments

  8. Make sure you have the correct underwear for the dress, whether you're going strapless or wearing stick-on cups, it’s just as crucial and wise! Right???

  9. Bridal Garter

  10. The wedding garter is about having a good time on your wedding day! Many couples choose a garter type or color that complements their personalities and wear it to make the day spicier!

    They will always remember how amazing and wonderful they felt on their wedding day if they have a wedding garter that does not only add fun to the event but also considered an heirloom that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

  11. Bridal Shoes

  12. Your wedding day appearance is no exception—no dress is complete without the proper pair of shoes. Of course, you'll want a great pair to compliment that stunning gown!

  13. Bridal Jacket or Wrap

  14. If you're being married in the fall or in a place of worship that requires you to cover your shoulders, a fashionable cover-up is a requirement. The possibilities are endless, just to add - from boleros to capelets & fur stoles!

    To give you an idea here’s the very stylish Emma with her over-the-top cape made with sheer tulle and floral applique. Just the right babe for this, huh?

  15. Bouquet of Flower

  16. One of the most important wedding day accessories is the bridal bouquet. Like, this should be a no-brainer!

    Finding the correct bouquet to match your wedding gown will help you achieve your desired look at your wedding. You have a magnificent selection of bouquets, much like bridal outfits, and this is the simplest part. Flowers for weddings come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and price ranges. So creating the ideal bouquet for your budget, taste, and wedding theme is almost never a headache!

Essential Items for Brides for the Wedding Day

The morning before a wedding is stressful for the bride, with so much to do and consider! Talk about the jitters and anxiety from wanting everything to go just as smoothly!

Preparing your handbag with all the necessities that you need will be a huge help for you to save energy for the entire day! Here’s the list you might want to put on your reminder for a much smoother sail.

  1. Snacks and Bottled Water

  2. It will be a loooong day both for you and the wedding day itself, so remember to eat.

    Although you may have access to water in the area where you are getting ready in the morning, we always recommend having a case cold in a cooler and bringing it with you. This way, you'll know there'll be water that you can sip on anytime! You don’t want to walk down the aisle with an empty stomach… on top of tummy churning from the excitement and jitters - that’s a no-go!

  3. Perfume

  4. A rollerball perfume is a terrific travel-friendly alternative for leaving a lovely scent as you walk down the aisle. We don’t want to meet our partner bland-smelling! Nah-uh!

  5. Cell Phone Charger

  6. You've got a long day ahead of you, so having your phone fully charged is always a plus! Your friends who couldn’t come to the wedding are waiting for Instagram updates so yep, you might wanna consider that, too!

    Bring a wall phone charger or a portable phone charger with you so you can charge your phone while you're out and about. This way, you can kill some time - and anxiety - on the way to the wedding venue! Sounds like a plan?

  7. Face Mist

  8. Facial sprays and mists are far more than just water in a bottle these days. They may help you put your best face forward for those wedding photos! Just spritz some on your patchy or if your makeup has met its end - and you’ll once again ready for another round of celebration!

    But of course, this is where the hired makeup artist comes in, right? To make you feel and look fresh all day long!

  9. Tissue and Blotting Paper

  10. Blotting paper is the best option for quickly dabbing up any tears and/or sweats that are present without removing any trace of makeup as well. Tissues can handle the sniffles that may emerge as the bride begins to cry!

  11. Emergency Kit

  12. This can include obvious tools like bobby pins, safety pins, and scissors, as well as touch-up goods like a second pair of pantyhose, clothing tape hairspray, and lipstick. We recommend having a few Band-Aids on hand, just in case. Better to be ready than sorry, right?

Ceremony Necessities and Decorations

Every wedding is unique, and your specific décor requirements will be determined by your venue, theme, budget, and personal tastes.

Making your wedding one-of-a-kind necessitates a lot of small elements. Here we listed the ceremony necessities and decorations that you can consolidate for your ideas. Get your pen and paper ready!

  1. Wedding Welcome Sign

  2. When planning the specifics for your big day, don't forget about the first thing your guests will notice: the wedding welcome sign. Fortunately, there are a lot of options!

    These welcome signs aren't merely decorative. Many couples utilize them as a master itinerary, which includes anything from showing cocktail hour times to serving as a map to send guests to the next destination of the night.

    Wedding signage also gives guests a taste of what to expect at your wedding. It serves as their sort of guide!

  3. Wedding Aisle Decorator

  4. When the bride makes a grand entry and goes down the aisle, it is one of the most important moments documented by a wedding photographer.

    You must create a wedding aisle, which is a lovely route that leads both the bride and groom to the altar. You can change the uncovered flooring in the wedding aisle to create a work of art that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

    But, of course, not only having unique aisle decorations cool, but it will serve as the bride’s pathway leading to her prince. You should know that this pathway is as crucial as any vital details in a wedding!

  5. Ceremony Aisle Runner

  6. This lovely feature may be found in an assortment of designs, is suitable for a variety of surfaces, and serves as a protective component for dress trains. Wedding aisle runners are unquestionably a popular and practical feature that women should think about while preparing their weddings.

    Runners are composed of a number of materials that work with various types of facades, come in a variety of colors and sizes, and can even be personalized. Not only that but aisle runners can be repurposed after the wedding - you can use them as a keepsake or a decor in your home!

  7. Unity Candle

  8. The majority of us appreciate the beauty and radiance of candles. Candles are symbolic in many ways in your religious and cultural traditions, as well as in your marriage.

    A Unity Candle is used by many couples at their wedding. The couple's mothers light two outside candles to signify their lives up to this point. These unique flames, each glowing on its own, represent their parents' faith, intelligence, and love. The pair lights a central candle together, representing their lifelong commitment!

    Went a little too deep and serious there, yeah? But that’s the point - marriage is a serious and deep commitment so much so that we can almost collate with candles. We hope you get this one, though!

  9. Ring Box

  10. As much as you need the ring, prioritizing the ring box is crucial, too!

    Couples have always utilized ring pillows to transport their diamonds on the big day, but this is the modern era, which means you can try an alternate way.!

    There are more cool, imaginative ring boxes and dishes than ever before that speak to each distinct wedding theme and style. Try browsing your Pinterest feed and/or Instagram for a tag “weddingringbox” or search your Pinterest board for “wedding ring box ideas.”

    You will be surprised by how creative other people could get all for their wedding day!

  11. Guest Book Sign

  12. Your guestbook and sign-in tables should set a clear and friendly tone as the first tables that greet your guests. The guestbook and tables should feel welcoming just as much as the venue itself!

    Make sure the tables are close to the venue's entrance and provide enough room for guests to congregate, sign the guestbook, pick up their place cards, and drop off gifts or envelopes!

Reception Details

Because your guests will spend the majority of their time at the reception, it makes sense for it to consume the majority of your wedding décor expenditure. The bulk of your budget should go into tabletop décor, and how you spend the remainder is primarily determined by the number of individuals who will be attending. If this sounds doable, please read on.

  1. Seating Chart and Table Numbers

  2. It ensures that each table is already occupied and/or full. Without designated seating, especially for plated dinner service, things can rapidly become confusing for the employees. We don’t want that!

  3. Cake Stands

  4. Any celebration would be incomplete without a gorgeous cake, but a cake stand is equally as vital. Cake stands, as the name implies, are little platforms that aid in the holding and presentation of a cake. We mean, like duh, of course, it’s necessary especially if you have like a 4-tier wedding cake!

  5. Toasting Flutes

  6. When it comes to choosing a flute set for your wedding, you have a lot of options. The traditional aesthetic of a basic, high-quality glass flute never goes out of style. This will give you an excellent look without breaking the cash!

    Furthermore, toasting flutes can be customized according to your liking! You can engrave your initials on the glasses, or the dates, and the words “Mr.” and “Mrs.”

    Pretty cool, huh?

  7. Cake Knife and Server

  8. There is a lot of emphasis on the cake, but if you don't have a special cake knife, ask your reception venue or contracted caterer if they can supply a cake cutter for you. But then again, everything must be checked out/off by you so you don’t miss even a single tiny detail!

Wedding Gifts

You're probably aware that one of the bride and groom's additional responsibilities is to purchase wedding party gifts for guests, family, and friends that assisted your wedding! Below are the significant acts of gratitude towards your most-treasured people!

  1. Wedding Favors

  2. Wedding favors serve as a thank-you to your guests and provide a physical memory of your celebration for a variety of reasons. As the months leading up to your wedding, you'll want to start looking for wedding favor ideas so you can choose the perfect gifts for your guests!

  3. Gifts for Bridesmaid

  4. Throughout your wedding preparation process, your bridesmaids have been there for you every step of the way. You can't imagine a greater group of ladies to have by your side for your trip down the aisle - from celebrating your engagement to preparing the finest bachelorette party ever.

    Give your bridesmaids a thoughtful gesture of appreciation to show them that you are grateful for their loyalty and your friendship. This might seem like a little act, but best believe they would be more than happy!

  5. Gift for the Groom

  6. Finally, you might have been together for a long while before you decided to tie the knot, and well, you probably have given plenty of presents for your groom, BUT, in the days preceding up to the big day, it is customary for the newlyweds to exchange gifts. This is usually an indicator that you’re both excited and grateful to have each other forever!

    Have a Merry Wedding!

    We guarantee stress and hassle-free wedding with no last-minute errands or difficulties if you follow the above checklist. We swear that to our catacombs! JK!

    But really though, all of the jobs will be completed without any hitch whatsoever!

    Here’s us wishing you the best of luck with your wedding plans, as well as many happy years of married life ahead!

    Cheers, love!


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Bridal Jacket

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Wedding Aisle

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Unity Candle

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Wedding Favors

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