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A Beginner's Guide to Wedding Dress Fittings

If you are here then it’s most probably because you said “yes” to one of the biggest questions life will throw at you. Congratulations, bride-to-be!

You are now ready to enter the next phase: Planning for the big day.

You’ve probably heard that planning a wedding is stressful, well, they’re not wrong entirely. A lot of things are supposed to be done—with what feels like little time. But don’t fret, this piece is here to help you prepare for one of the biggest determinants for your wedding preparation: the wedding dress fitting.

As a bride-to-be, what you are going to wear when you walk down the aisle is a big deal, not just because the love of your life is waiting at the other end, but during your whole walk, guests will look at you. No pressure!

Before we jump at the main event, here is a checklist of tips and homework that should be done before dress shopping:


Check different magazines, check online for bridal boutiques or get inspirations from celebrity weddings for dresses that may pique your interest. This part also includes finding a good bridal shop that can cater to your wants and needs. Pick a trustworthy shop.


If you’re uncertain about your measurements, you can have a professional take them for you, just to be sure!

Know your body frame

It’s also important to consider what your body figure is to narrow down the choices for you. Some dresses and gowns can be unflattering for others, but if you are set on a specific decor of your wedding dress, you can talk to your wedding dress consultant to see how to make it happen.

What you want it to be

Think about what you want your dress to be described as. Do you want it to be elegant? Simple? Or maybe grand? Think about it and tell your dress coordinator.

Keep an open mind

There are certain things that can change when you’re already there fitting what you felt like was THE one, not liking it for instance. It’s also crucial to be open about new or different ideas coming from your wedding dress consultant!

Know how much you can spend

Before picking the decor, embellishments, or style of the dress, it’s a must to know your limit. It’s essential that you know when to hit the brake. While we’re at it, it’s best not to try wedding dresses that go over your budget, and do not forget to allot a budget for the possible modification on your dress!

Shop with a friend

May it be a family member or your best friend, choose your shopping buddy/buddies wisely. Pick someone who will be honest and supportive. Keep it a small group, maybe two or three people whose insights matter to you!

Be ready for bridal sizing and a lot of fittings

How else can we know what looks the best, right? It may take up time but enjoy it. Looking at yourself in different dresses makes you feel like a real princess, doesn’t it?

Talk to your wedding consultant

Your wedding dress consultant is there to make sure that you feel and look the most beautiful on your big day, so it will really benefit both of you to keep open communication.

Your wedding dress consultant is there to make sure that you feel and look the most beautiful on your big day, so it will really benefit both of you to keep open communication.

Getting everything done can feel quite overwhelming, that’s why another thing you should prepare before running towards the battle of dress fitting is a schedule. A timetable will help you be on track and as its name suggests, time.

Let’s cut the chase here brides-to-be. You’re probably excited to know what to expect before, during and the incredible moment of picking up your dress.

Before your first fitting:

Buy and prepare them to take for your dress fitting. It’s good to lay out a few options, this way, you can see how well you can incorporate them for the stunning whole look you are aiming for. Also, purchase the underwear, bridal shoes and make sure to keep them along. A simple brassiere switch or heel height change can end up in a not-so-great fit for your dress.

A list of things you have decided on and questions before going to your fitting can come in handy too. It will save you time and ensure you don’t forget anything.

After you have decided on the style of the dress, in comes the actual wedding dress fitting. It somehow feels like you’re already there, right? Almost! So, hang on.

Let’s take a ride with you on your fitting dates. Yes, dates. We have a few more fittings to go to, to make sure everything is immaculate. We wouldn’t settle for anything less, ladies!

First Fitting:

The very first fitting appointment should happen around a month and a half before the wedding day. It may seem like there’s little time before the big day but don’t worry, there will be plenty of time left if there are any minor modifications you want to be done.

Remember tip number seven? Yes. Bring along your trusted shopping buddy with you. Someone who has a keen eye for details, honest, and outspoken. You probably already have a person to bring in mind, yes, bring that person.

As previously mentioned, do not forget to bring your accessories, underwear, and shoes with you, to see how well they will blend with the outfit.

The main goal of the first fitting is to make sure that the size, color, and design, all the basics, of the gown are to your liking. The seamstress should be made aware of and what adjustments are needed to be done. Ask them questions, and they will note them for you.

Twirl around and keep an eye on the details. Dance, so you can test how comfortable and secure it is when you move around.

If you want any alterations made, mention them to your seamstress, but be aware that there may be other adjustments that will be possible. There’s no need to panic if the dress doesn’t look and feel right, just yet. Besides, this should have already been expected by your seamstress. Alterations are almost inevitable.

Keep a close eye on how does it feel for you when you’re wearing the dress. Is the design right? Is it too loose or tight? How do the waist and bust feel? A good example is when you have sensitive skin and a beaded bodice, you may request your seamstress to remove small lines of beads under the arms to prevent itching and discomfort.

Before packing it up, make sure to arrange the date for your next fitting.

Second Fitting

Around four weeks or one month before your wedding. The second fitting date should be scheduled. As previously mentioned, bring along your undergarments and bridal shoes.

If you are still unsure about what accessories to wear or you found something new the past few days, this is the best time to test it out with the outfit. You also should have an idea already of what hairstyle you will have.

The main goal of this fitting is to make sure that you feel comfortable with your dress than when you first wear it. Make sure to keep an eye on the details of adjustments you requested previously.

Just like the first time, try to move around your newly altered dress. Are all the concerns you mentioned addressed? Can you move around comfortably? Is there any obvious wrinkling, or pulling of the material? Is it securely wrapped around you?

Try to sit, dance, twirl or even jump with this newly altered gown. Raise your arms and try to hug someone in it. If you find any unpleasant feelings while doing these activities, talk to your seamstress. These are the usual actions you will do at your wedding.

If you chose to sport a long dress, test and walk around with your shoes, to see if your dress gets caught up with your shoes.

Speak up, if there are any more alterations you want to be done. If needed, you can still schedule another fitting, to see if you’re satisfied with the outcome of the modifications.

Final Fitting

This is it, ladies! The final fitting!

The gown you will wear on this appointment should be the one! By this time, all the alterations should have been done to fit you perfectly, if not then there’s still time.

This fitting is more of a quality check, the last thing we need is a dress issue on the day of the wedding. Our brides don’t deserve that kind of stress on their most awaited date. Look at the whole ensemble of your attire. Get around, walking, or dancing.

Setting this fitting date a couple of weeks ahead will help your seamstress lookout for any more minor adjustments or if there are size alterations, in case you lost or gained weight.

Don’t forget to invite whoever will help you with your dress so you can go through all the things they needed to know about the dress, especially it has complicated buttons or straps. Adding to this, learn how many people are needed to get dressed and undressed.

Go ahead and create a bathroom plan, too. You’re going to wear this dress for ideally a number of hours, it’s best to figure out how to pee while you’re in it.

By this time, you should also think about how you will preserve your dress or address issues that can happen before or during the ceremony. Think ahead on how to deal with crinkles, is using an iron or a steamer better? On which setting? How to deal if you spill something on your dress?

The Pickup

Yep, this has been said before, but this is really is it! You will finally get to take home the dress you’ve been waiting for! Don’t forget to try it on one last time at the shop just to check that everything is according to place.

If it seemed smaller or bigger than before, you will still have time to adjust your diet if you pick it up ahead of time for the wedding. Stress can cause a number of our appetites, it’s a definite factor to consider.

Before you close this tab and get back on planning your wedding let’s just leave you, ladies, an answer to a few frequently asked questions, maybe more tips as well.

We’ll keep it short, but oh well, you can never really have too many tips when preparing for your big day, right? Get all the advice you need without sacrificing what you want!

"Bride’s Most Commonly Asked Questions"

When and how often should I schedule my fittings?

If you only have minor modifications to address, then three fittings should be ideal. The intervals mentioned above should be fine but it can still depend on how many modifications you want to be done.

How long does a fitting last?

The first fitting should be the longest of all. This is where you will discuss most of the adjustments you want to be done.

Jot down notes so your next fitting will be much faster.

Typically, the first fitting date can last for an hour or more and the rest should last for about 30 minutes. If you feel like you’re going to need a longer appointment, choose a weekday, weekends tend to be packed.

What happens if I gain or lose weight before the big day?

Being excited or stressed during the planning period for your wedding is completely normal, especially if the date is getting closer. This can definitely impact what you eat, but don’t panic.

The reason why these fittings are scheduled a few months or weeks before your wedding day is because by this time weight fluctuations are minimal. Besides, the interval of the fitting should help your seamstress make the adjustments for you.

Guarantee a few days of interval between the wedding day and the time of the pickup. If the dress felt tight or loose, you will have time to plan out your diet before the wedding day.

What kind of alterations can be made?

This will generally depend on what dress you chose, but most of the time, it’s boundless! An experienced seamstress should be able to modify your gown, however, you like. This is why you should choose someone with experience, she’ll be the fairy godmother to your cinderella.

This is where we part, ladies! I hope this helped you in getting ready for your most awaited wedding day!

Final Hurrah!

Well, that’s about it, luv! Just remember: whatever you have ultimately decided on, it’s for the greater good. Like, come on! It’s YOUR day!

We are here to cheer you on and help you out whatever and however way we can!

We hope we have somehow helped you with your wedding dress fitting predicament! As always, we’re just a “click” away!

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