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Top Reasons to Have a Made-to-Measure Wedding Dress

No sugar can coat the fact that preparing for a wedding can be exhausting, more so, to give details to it according to what you have envisioned for your special day!

It is reasonable to make every detail precise—from the theme, the motif, the design, down to the most important part for every bride: the wedding dress.

We are very much accustomed to the idea of just going to some boutiques, picking some wedding dresses, and then ending it all up to the cashier. But despite that, did you know that there are wedding dresses that could be made according to how you wanted them to look? Thus, making it the perfect gown for you!

Pretty much alluring to the ears, right? Adding more to that, having this type of wedding dress will surely not make you leave decisions in a blur and confusion. Wondering what type of wedding dresses are those and where to find them?

Well, they are called “bespoke” or made-to-measure (MTM) wedding dresses and yep, finally, the long search is over, hun! ‘Cause here, in this very space, we will give you 7 worth of reasons to opt for a made-to-measure wedding dress!

  1. Perfect Fit

  2. Markets, nowadays, offer wedding dresses in a standard size. Opting for a “standard size” means room for more costly alterations to achieve the rightful fit for you.

    Now, going for a made-to-measure wedding dress ensures that every detail in your dress will be tailored with specificity. Instead of putting your money in a dress that will be subjected to alterations, plumping for a bespoke wedding dress is much more practical!

    A perfect fit is not just about the size and measurement but also means comfortability.

    Yes, in Riki Dalal, every dress is built with elements that are important to you and within your style so you wouldn’t need to sacrifice comfort over style! Not that we’re being cocky or something like that, but we can definitely take care of you!

    Made-to-measure wedding dresses guarantee that you not just look the prettiest but also make you feel the best with comfort and style. To top it all off, having a custom-made wedding dress is like hitting two birds with one stone—you get the design of your likings and it is comfortable to wear!

    Always remember that your wedding dress does not have to be uncomfortable and a hassle to wear. A bride must be happy while wearing the dress so she could illuminate her beauty all throughout the wedding day! We don’t want some wrinkle build-up now, do we?!?

  3. No Compromises

  4. You have been dreaming of your wedding to be unforgettable, shouldn’t your dress be, too? What markets could offer these days are already-made dresses and more often than not, the designs are not exactly what you anticipated. Going for a bespoke or MTM wedding dress not just makes your dream dress come to life but also diminishes any compromises for not having what you want!

    We, for instance, can make your dream wedding just for you! Even giving you the luxury to personalize the wedding dress of your choice, making you feel the absolute best of yourself without any compromises whatsoever!

  5. Alterations Included

  6. We have mentioned that each of Riki Dalal’s wedding dresses can be personalized, right? That includes alterations—from the size, color, decolletage, or train. Choosing a custom-made dress will save up, not just your time, but also your money. Having a wedding dress that offers alterations makes things easier and less of the hustle and bustle!

    Choosing your wedding dress is among the most delightful moments in your wedding journey, but as much as we wanted it to be just all fun, we can’t dismiss the fact that there are other things on the wedding plan that must be tended to. Opting for a wedding dress that offers alterations is a smart move and is certainly less stressful!

    We also want for you to make your journey towards your special day to be fun and enjoyable, being exhausted about a dress that is not fitted to you is something we would not like to have at hand!

  7. Uniqueness

  8. It is not a surprise to know that a bride wants a wedding that cannot be compared to any other, well, the same goes for the wedding dress. We understand that you want something unique to wear for your special day, and that is what we want for you, too! We’re making that happen!

    A made-to-measure wedding dress opens immense doors of possibilities in terms of colors and styles. Apart from that, the wedding dress will flawlessly fit you! With the help of the designer every step of the way, your dress will surely be uniquely yours and no one will have the same exact design.

    With your unique taste and vision, and working alongside the designer will surely create a wedding dress that allows you to express your style! Not just that, but with Riki Dalal’s wedding dresses combined with your ideas and own style, it is guaranteed that your personal touch will radiate on the curated gorgeous dress!

  9. The Experience

  10. There is no point in denying that choosing a wedding dress is among the most exciting bits of wedding planning, but wedding dress shopping is not just only about the dress but also about the whole journey and its experience! The luxury of having the freedom to choos the designs, altering them, and making every inch perfectly fit for you—make the journey much more enjoyable.

    As a brand, our goal is to create your dream dress—and even that is an understatement—turning it into reality so you could feel your absolute best. We ensure that with the dress you will choose, every step of the way on your journey will be smooth, pleasant, and you will walk with confidence all though-out the day!

  11. Quality

  12. When looking for a wedding dress, many factors need to be considered—the price, style, peculiarity, designs, materials, and the quality of everything that needs to be utilized.

    Numbers of brides opt for the internet to find a decent wedding dress that has beautiful patterns, a sophisticated look, and high-end materials! Honestly, that’s hard to catch. Luckily for you...

    Just like the saying “don’t settle for less”, we make sure that every wedding dress is made with such pristine quality, good to the feeling, and is guaranteed to copy exactly that of your dream wedding fit!

    The process of making a bespoke wedding dress requires hours of precise handwork, usage of fine fabrics, and high-quality materials to make sure you will feel like a true Riki Dalal’s bride.

    Riki Dalal Couture, for instance, does not just want a unique and pristine dress but also has a good quality that will make the bride comfortable and being in pure bliss throughout her most special day.

    Check more here!

  13. Style

  14. It is pretty much obvious that you wanted to always look your absolute best on every single occasion. However, most of the time, we tend to overdo our fit just to be catchy in the eye of the crowd.

    But, like, we deserve to look our absolute best, don’t you think? Otherwise, it’s for nothing!

    There are instances when the effort of making our absolute best compromises the style, but well, you’ve got us. The extravagance may catch everyone’s eyes but we can never compromise the comfort for the sake of style!

    Not to be smug or whatever, but wearing one of our pieces will ultimately make you feel not just a living testimony of a coming to life wedding dream but also makes your personality shine the brightest!

    It is all YOU—from the low neckline to sleeves, down to the skirts and tulles! Your style combined with Dalal’s bespoke dresses gives not only comfort but also a very posh style!

    Your finished custom-made dress does not only speak for the brand name but more of your personal choice—as a person, and as a bride. Your trust for choosing us will not be in vain because, hun, like what Taylor Swift said: “You’ll never go out of style” with Riki Dalal!

Should you really opt for a bespoke?

Choosing a wedding dress must be taken seriously (decision-wise). A bride must know the things she wants for her dress, or if it is just an idea, a designer like Riki Dalal is at your service to help you curate your dream wedding dress.

A good made-to-measure wedding dress must possess these traits:

  • It must be a perfect fit
  • No compromises in any form
  • Must offer alterations to avoid further nuisances
  • Should have the sense of uniqueness that will make the bride shine the most with no one to compare
  • The bride must have a good experience wearing it; and
  • Showcases the bride’s style

All this stuff can be experienced in every Riki Dalal piece!

Have we become a little puffed up for a sec there? Well, honestly, that’s what happens when you truly believe in your own brand!


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