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Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

As a bride-to-be, choosing the perfect wedding dress can be considered as one of, if not the most, important step in your whole wedding planning journey. No one can blame you for that. It’s YOUR big day, and you deserve to slip on a dress where you feel the most beautiful in!

This item aims to help ease the stress of the choice-making process. Finding the perfect wedding dress for your body type is a tad bit stressful, alright, but, together, we’ll look at the dresses ideal for your so you can narrow down your options and eventually make that decision! Does that sound like a plan?

If you’re unsure what your body type is, it’s better to take measurements and consult your wedding dress advisor, but don’t worry, we’ll provide a description for each body type to help you get the concept!

Tips to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Before we walk you down the aisle of choosing the best dresses for your body type, let’s just start with a processional of tips to consider when you’re planning a wedding. Sounds good?

  • Time Management

  • Deciding not just for the dress but for the whole wedding can be really stressful, so it’s imperative to manage your time, even months before the ceremony!

  • Figure out the budget

  • To avoid financial issues in the future, it’s best to figure and plan out the budget, not just for the gown but for the whole ceremony!

  • Surround yourself with your best people

  • We can’t emphasize this enough, brides, having yourself surrounded with the best people, those you trust and love will create such a significant amount of pleasure—they will give you unending support throughout this exciting road!

  • Keep an open mind

  • You may feel hesitant when your consultant or planner shows you something that did not cross your mind or even want in the first place. There’s no harm in testing the idea, and sometimes you might find yourself liking another idea more! Remember, they are there to help you achieve or well, in most cases, realize your dream wedding!

  • Have the time of your life!

  • We know it’s not easy with all the planning, time pressure, but pause and think about this—this is your voyage to a great wedding day. Savor the moments! We don’t want stress anywhere near our wedding. Nobody wants anxiety especially if you’re planning a nuptial!

    Well, friend, without further ado, let’s take you down to the altar and check which type of dresses are perfect for you!

  • Hourglass Figure

  • If you have a well-defined waist that is narrower than your almost equally sized bust and hips then this is your body type. For this specific silhouette, it’s best to consider these dresses:


Mermaid pieces accentuate the curves!

If you opt for a wedding dress that allures but doesn’t need much then a mermaid dress might be the one. This will certainly enhance your look and is a sure-fire way to grab everyone’s attention on your very own red carpet!

Not to mention, this dress is also down if you want to have a stylish contemporary look or a classic approach. Like, this would definitely THE ONE!

A mermaid dress like Sophia from our Tiara Collection is a prime example of a gorgeous mermaid dress. This piece hugs your body and features off-shoulder sleeves and a sweetheart neckline that will leave a statement when you walk down the aisle!


A trumpet dress is considered as the toned-down sister of a mermaid dress but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the game. The main difference between the two is where the flare of the skirt starts. In trumpet dresses, it starts to be less fitted on the hip area.

This dress is less restrictive and can be easier to move with. This sort of dress is perfect for tall brides but can also cater to shorter brides with a few tweaks on the decor of choice! *ahem*

A perfect option for a trumpet wedding gown is Diana from our Glamour Collection. A vibe of elegance and refined beauty will trail while you walk in this dress. It features a plunging neckline, a head-turning deep-cut backing, and a unique collar. A gown this chic will definitely make your big day even more remarkable!

Quick tip: Avoid loose-fitted sheath since it will not maximize the display of your shape.

Petite Figure

A petite frame is usually shorter than average and has a narrow and small body shape.

If you wish to add an illusion of height, vertical seams are the best option. Adding more horizontally can make a petite bride look even smaller. Aiming for a waistline that’s natural or higher will not hurt. In fact, it can provide a longer leg perspective!


As a petite bride, you can never go wrong with an A-line that is fit your hips but broadens all the way down. This universal favorite can make your slim figure stand out as it hugs the right places on your body and can even make you look taller! Now, that’s a deal sealer, huh?

If you’re having a hard time looking for a wedding dress that can cater to your petite figure, look no more. The Pop dress from our Harmony Collection makes a great choice. The flowing chiffon tulle skirt can make you look taller and the crocheted lace top will display your petite figure beautifully.

Another dress to look out for is the Diaz gown from the same collection if you really want a ball gown piece. Its simple yet majestic look can also give a height illusion with its nicely placed waistline, not to mention the illusion sweetheart neckline! Sounds about right, huh?

Quick tip: Avoid dresses that are excessive in material, it will drown you out especially puffy gowns!

Athletic Figure

The athletic-shaped body usually flaunts broad-shoulder almost equally sized as the hip, well-toned arms, and a narrow waist.

With this type of build, it’s nice to show off your arms, shoulders, and also the perfect time to radiate a feminine aura altogether! Going for a classic ball gown dress—full skirts can make your frame stand out in the best way possible.


Strapless dresses or those with halter necklines can work wonders for showing your well-toned shoulders and arms.

Juliet from our Shakespeare Collection is a great pawn for the play. It has great 3D floral accents on top and the skirt is composed of multilayers of fabric with a nude base. Juliet’s off-the-shoulder sleeves top and layered flowy skirt are perfect for highlighting your perfect silhouette!


Another path to peek in is getting a bridal pantsuit! Unusual? Nope! There are brides that definitely want to hit the other route! Furthermore, pantsuits will surely embrace and emphasize your slender frame. If you are considering this, then take a gander at Berlin from our Metropolitan Collection. It will definitely strengthen your best features and accentuate your slender build!

Quick tip: Working on your angles and choosing a dress with a fabric that hugs your body comfortably is the best.


Can also be referred to as a triangular frame. If you have fuller hips with a narrow bust and waist then this may be your body type.

People with this body type tend to have small waistlines with slimmer stomachs and slender arms. A dress that can highlight your upper body is a great place to start—a strapless and/or fitted dress can achieve this look for you.

Think about skirts, too. The right skirt will bring wonders for you if you want your upper body to be highlighted!

Ball Gown

If your dream is a fairytale-like dress, you can definitely go for a ball gown type of dress, it will show off your slender waist and minimize the curve of the hips.

The best case in point of a ball gown wedding dress that can fit your triangular shape needs is the Tokyo from our Metropolitan Collection. An off-the-shoulder sleeves top with floral applique will gain the attention of your guests, and the fabulous skirt that comes with it will give you that Cinderella wedding air!

Tea Length

If you’d like, a tea-length dress can also be a good fit for pear-shaped body silhouettes. An A-line tea-length dress will do just the trick!

A comfortable and easygoing dress perfect for more intimate ceremonies like our Louise wedding tea-length dress gives off a unique lace pattern and can’t be any more perfect for such preference! The plunging neckline and a half-open back will glue your guest’s eyes to your top, that’s guaranteed!


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